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November 2, 2021

There are always aspects of a job role that entice people to join companies, and along with salary and employee perks, diversity is one of the most important for employees. Inclusion and diversity are core values at Whirlpool, as they believe drawing people from diverse points of view improves their products, services and teams ability to do well. Whirlpool is on an ongoing journey to cultivate an even more robust, more inclusive and diverse culture in the workplace.

We interviewed Nick, who has worked at Whirlpool as a Field Service Engineer for 39 years and has been registered deaf since the age of eight. From a young age, he was always interested in how things worked, with his interest peaking from the sounds and smells of his Mom’s Twin Tub washing machine, which he was able to fix at the tender age of ten when a rubber band snapped. This is what ultimately pushed him into a career within the White Goods Industry.

Nick went into the job not knowing what it entailed, but as he proudly confirms, it lived up to his expectations after being in the industry for nearly four decades!

Nick has rarely faced any challenges as a deaf engineer working with Whirlpool: They ensured he had all the necessary equipment to carry out the job efficiently and safely with his impairment. However, due to the Covid-19 crisis, Nick has struggled. Since facemasks have been a mandatory requirement, he cannot lip read or read facial expressions, so Nick has had to overcome this challenge by asking customers to write information down or ask the customer to wear a clear visor.

Regarding safety within Nick’s role, he feels fully supported by the management at Whirlpool, who are always on hand to aid with problems when working externally and when he works within the public’s homes. Moreover, Whirlpool has supported Nick through the transition from his hearing aid to his hearing device implant, including his three-month recovery time. 

What Nick likes most about his job is the work-life balance, and working at Whirlpool allows him to have the time to exercise and socialise outside of his working hours. When looking at staff satisfaction, having a solid work-life balance is what employees look for, and Whirlpool reinforces this by offering varying start times to work around their employee’s lives, allowing workers to carry out commitments such as taking the children to school or going to the gym.

Whirlpool has also allowed Nick to up-skill within the white goods appliances. When he first started at Whirlpool, he worked with washing machines and dishwashers, but through the years, Whirlpool has enabled him to improve his skillsets to include becoming multi-skilled and able to work with gas.

We are always looking for special talent to join Whirlpool, so if you or someone you know is interested, please get in contact with Dan Sholl for more information.

dan.sholl@conceptresourcing.com, 01908 487 585 

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