Executive tech recruitmentTargeted strategies for sought-after tech leaders.

When it comes to securing the best leaders in the tech industry, our executive recruitment service is your go-to solution. Engaging in an exclusive collaboration with us means we go deeper to connect you with C-suite candidates who don’t just fit a role but advance your company’s goals with expertise and passion.

Our approach goes beyond the conventional. We align your company’s missions and values with candidates who embody leadership, expertise, and a proven track record in the tech industry, promising not just a great hire, but a tech leader to lead your company to great heights.

Beyond just pairing candidates with roles, we aim for true synergy. We’ve curated a vast network of proven tech professionals over the years, and maintain a continuous dialogue with them. This means, when you reach out to Concept, you’re accessing a community of leaders always primed for their next venture.

Why choose Concept for executive tech recruitment?
  • Distinguished Network: Harness our expansive network rich with industry leaders and innovators
  • Experience: We work with a range of organisations from fast growing startups to global brands.
  • Strategic Alignment: We find leaders who resonate with your brand’s core values and visions
  • Industry Savvy: Leverage over two decades of industry experience, we specialise in finding leaders in a range of markets and specialities.
  • Holistic Approach: We view recruitment from a broader perspective for a better fit
  • Confidentiality Assured: Discrete processes ensuring confidentiality at every step.
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Trusted by the best.For over two decades, Concept has built trusted partnerships with stellar service providers.

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The benefits of our executive talent solution.

Industry-Insider KnowledgeTap into our deep understanding of the tech industry to identify candidates who lead from the front and bring your organisation value.

Exclusive Talent PoolWe invest in building lasting professional relationships, giving you access to our network of leaders, many of whom are passive and difficult to reach via traditional methods.

Save TimeBenefit from a streamlined process that presents you with only the most suitable candidates, saving you time in the long run.

Leadership SynergyWe focus on finding individuals who not only have the right experience but can integrate seamlessly into your leadership dynamics.

True RepresentationYour brand is presented authentically to potential candidates, ensuring a harmonious connection right from the start.

Long-Term VisionOur sights are set on the future, identifying leaders who will be able to shape your company’s destiny and reach its goals.

Hear from othersSee what Concept can do.

We needed to recruit an experienced Service & Operations Director to evolve and modernise our service model based on our growth plans, and needed to go to the external marketplace. Historically we have used executive search firms for such senior talent, however we decided to use Concept based on their knowledge and understanding of the market and our business, building on the strong partnership created over the last 5 years for largely technical recruitment. It was clear from the briefing call they clearly understood the requirements, the experience and attributes of the ideal candidate, and how to find and build a shortlist for review of top talent.

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Exclusive Solution

How it works.

In executive tech recruitment, our partnership revolves around identifying and securing leaders who will take your business to the next level. It is a meticulous and confidential journey tailored to meet your specific needs and long-term goals.

Your executive hiring pathway.

Step 1: Strategic Consultation

Starting with an in-depth understanding of your strategic goals, we create a profile of the ideal candidate that goes beyond just the job description.

Step 2: Leader Identification

Tapping into our expansive network of exceptional talent and industry knowledge, we seek out individuals who stand tall as leaders in the tech industry.

Step 3: Final Shortlisting

Through a comprehensive vetting process, we present a shortlist of candidates with proven leadership credentials and a vision aligning with your company’s culture, values, and mission.


Explore the possibilitiesOur solutions.

Contingency Solution

When time is of the essence, opt for our Contingency Solution to fill roles promptly without compromising on quality.

Executive Talent.

Find your next leaders: lead your organisation to new levels of success.

Retained Talent.
Retained Solutions

For mission-critical roles that require specialised skill sets, our Retained Solution consistently ensures a deep, targeted search.

Talent Managed Services.
Managed Services

Providing flexible and strategic talent acquisition with mutually agreed SLAs.

Project Services
Project Services

A project-focused approach that brings in experts to accomplish specific outcomes under agreed timelines and budgets.

Resource Service
Resource as a Service

Unlock untapped potential by utilising this trusted B2B enablement framework.

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