Aliter Capital completes investment in Jumar


Matt Gillen


October 10, 2023

Aliter Capital has announced the completion of an investment in Jumar, a leading tech talent, digital transformation and technology solutions business, to work alongside Concept, which was acquired by funds managed by Aliter Capital in 2022.

Aliter Capital’s strategy is to create a leading specialist technology solutions and resourcing group in the UK. It focuses on supporting sustained business growth through a combination of organic growth and acquiring and integrating smaller businesses to create sophisticated, professional medium sized operators.

Together, Jumar and Concept will provide a complementary range of services within the tech and digital sectors including technology consultancy, project delivery, and the provision of skilled professionals and teams.


Greig Brown, partner, Aliter Capital, said: “There is clear logic in Jumar working alongside Concept. The skills, resources and capabilities of both companies are entirely complementary and will form the strongest of foundations for the development of a leading tech talent and solutions business in the UK.”


Matt Gillen, CEO, Concept said, We look forward with great anticipation and enthusiasm to working alongside Jumar, to grow and develop a formidable force in the world of technology and tech talent.

Our clients will benefit from the group’s comprehensive range of services to fully meet their digital and tech needs, whilst providing them with the assurance we can continue to offer the highest level of service for projects of all sizes.”


Matt Gillen

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