Case Study: CloudKubedEnabling Rapid Growth with Business Transformation & Architecture Teams


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November 26, 2023

  • Client: CloudKubed
  • Industry: IT consultancy & professional services
  • Employees: 100

    Summary of work

    An exclusive partnership to source, engage and provide a large-scale permanent and contract delivery team across business transformation and architecture.

    The Client

    CloudKubed are a technology consultancy that help enterprise organisations navigate and accelerate their digital and cloud transformation programmes. CloudKubed employs circa 30 perm FTEs and scale up on interim professional resourcing for their public sector clients.


    After being named as a preferred partner for a digital transformation programme, CloudKubed challenged Concept to help them rapidly scale their digital transformation programme from 5 to 47 people over 6 weeks.


    • The roles included Business Analysts, Project Managers, and Solution Architects (Cloud and Data).
    • The challenge was to ensure the rapid growth did not disrupt the Business as Usual (BAU) operations at CloudKubed.

    Our Strategy

    Our Approach

    Concept and CloudKubed agreed to allocate teams to work collaboratively during the scaling period.

    This included agreeing on clear lines of communication, delineated roles and responsibilities and implementing daily reporting to provide momentum to meet the ambitious challenge.


    Naturally in a programme of this nature, roles, opportunities, and timescales changed regularly. The key shared values of ‘open, honesty and transparency’ reflected ‘The Concept Way’ of work, which was accepted as part of the course.

    Concept were asked to hire a team of circa 40 professional services consultants, with an agreed SOW which would ensure successful delivery within the agreed timescales.

    A key challenge was that the resources needed to be either holding ‘live’ SC clearance, or the appropriate robust filtering take place to ensure all considered.

    The Outcome

    The exclusive partnership between Concept and CloudKubed, based on principles of honesty, openness, and transparency, has proven to be highly productive. The partnership was initiated in April 2023, we have successfully recruited more than 10 permanent FTEs and engaged over 40 interim consultants, demonstrating our capacity to initiate and cultivate a robust workforce.

    As we approach the conclusion of Phase 1 of our hiring programme, it is evident that our joint efforts have achieved the outlined challenge.

    Concept eagerly anticipates advancing into the subsequent phase of expansion, exploring avenues for refining our deliverables and enhancing outcomes within the supply chain.

    “Concept provided a fully managed service for the project, which, despite several challenges, was delivered on deadline. Selecta was happy with the project outcome and, as a result, a future project was awarded to Concept”.



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