Concept Resourcing’s Annual Launch and Awards Night 2022


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March 2, 2022

On Friday 21st January, we held our Annual Conference and Award Dinner, which was attended by the whole company from both our Dudley and Milton Keynes offices.

Not only did we celebrate record results across the business, but it was also the first time all our team had been together for over two years!

During the day, our leadership team presented an outstanding year, including record Sales, productivity and headcount. Our HR Manager also recognised long service to the company with a number of staff hitting their ten years at Concept Resourcing.

We also were treated to a special guest speaker, Mandy Hickson, who invited us into her tremendous world. Whilst being a Tornado GR4 fast jet pilot, she overcame many obstacles, such as being a female in a male-dominated world and having to fight back from constant rejections in such a demanding and challenging job. Hickson talked about how to never change yourself regardless of the job, something she experienced when she found herself becoming ‘one of the guys’ whilst being one of the only female ‘fast jet’ pilots, and also talked about how important teamwork is within companies and how trusting your colleagues is one of the most important ways to build a stronger team.

Again, we want to say how wonderful Mandy was and how inspiring she is from us all here at Concept! Thankyou Mandy.

Then came our Awards Evening, including a 3-course dinner and entertainment. The evening encapsulated the year’s highlights by rewarding our top performers with their well-deserved trophies. One by one, the winners came up to the stage to showcase their proud moments in front of the company and the camera. Well done to our nominees and winners!

 “2021 was an incredible year for the business. This was our best awards evening yet. Not only did we celebrate our 21st birthday and 20 years of consecutive growth, but also record results and numbers of sensational individual and team performances from across the business. It was certainly a night to remember. We are poised to make 2022 another incredible year for the company”. – Chris Short, CEO 

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