86% of jobseekers admit not showing up to interviews, research reveals.Ghosting: Jobseekers not showing for interviews


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February 22, 2024

86% of jobseekers admit not showing up to interviews, research reveals.

New research from Indeed, a global matching and hiring platform, reveals that 86% of jobseekers in the UK have unexpectedly failed to attend a scheduled job interview. The survey, which gathered responses from 1,500 businesses and 1,500 working individuals, highlights how the phenomenon of ghosting—abruptly withdrawing all communication without explanation—is not limited to dating scenarios. It has permeated the hiring process, with 75% of workers admitting to having ghosted within the past year (Indeed, 2024).

While younger workers may lead the charge, ghosting has become normalised across all age groups. In fact, almost half (43%) plan to ghost in some form again.

Almost a third (31%) of jobseekers say it’s okay to ghost prior to an interview and more than a quarter (28%) say it’s acceptable during communications with the hiring team. Jobseekers say they’re most likely to ghost by not responding to messages from the employer during the job application process (38%).

Ghosting – a two way street?

Job seekers might feel justified in ghosting employers, perceiving the phenomenon as reciprocal. According to a survey, 20% of workers have experienced businesses failing to attend scheduled phone interviews, while 23% have encountered instances where a verbal offer was extended only to be rescinded later. More than half (55%) of respondents believe that since employers engage in ghosting, reciprocating is acceptable. Surprisingly, over a third of companies concur with this perspective, considering it reasonable.

Time and Resources for Businesses

Although workers may view ghosting as a typical occurrence, it has emerged as a significant concern for businesses. A vast majority (89%) of businesses perceive ghosting as a problem, with over half (55%) indicating that it has exacerbated their hiring challenges.

Considering the current count of 934,000 job vacancies in the UK (ONS, 2024), it’s evident that ghosting is impeding the efficiency of already busy hiring teams. Furthermore, its repercussions extend to employee wellbeing, with 55% of businesses acknowledging an increase in stress among their hiring teams, while 48% report heightened levels of burnout.

Nicola Copeland, Operations Director at Concept comments: It’s evident that ghosting has become an undesirable phenomenon for employers, significantly affecting the time, productivity, and overall well-being and success of hiring teams. The motives behind ghosting vary across generations, demonstrated in the research uncovering distinct viewpoints between Millennials and Gen Z. Nevertheless, the research underscores actionable steps that businesses can take to deter candidates from suddenly exiting the hiring process.”

Using a recruiter could help

It’s clear that the financial offer is the biggest carrot for employers trying to attract talent, with pay, benefits and other factors that support the rise in cost-of-living likely to prevent a jobseeker from ghosting. Of course, not all businesses will be in the position to increase their offer, but being transparent about the financial package and having open communication from the outset is likely to prevent jobseekers from ghosting.

At Concept, can offer a strategic advantage in mitigating the challenges posed by ghosting. Recruiters often possess established relationships with candidates, enabling them to effectively communicate and maintain engagement throughout the hiring journey. With one in four (24%) of UK businesses spending up to 10 hours a week just scheduling interviews, employers say the second biggest challenge to hiring is the process being ‘time-consuming’, only behind talent shortages (HR Grapevine, 2024).

Our consultants expertise in screening and assessing candidates can help identify individuals who are genuinely interested and committed, reducing the likelihood of ghosting occurrences.

Moreover, recruiters act as intermediaries, facilitating transparent communication between employers and candidates, thereby fostering trust and accountability. By leveraging our industry knowledge and networks, recruiters can tap into a broader pool of qualified candidates, ensuring a smoother and more efficient recruitment process.

We are adept at managing candidate expectations and providing timely feedback, which can enhance the candidate experience and diminish the likelihood of ghosting. Overall, partnering with us can streamline the hiring process, minimise disruptions caused, and ultimately contribute to a more successful hiring outcome.

Have you been ghosted recently or struggling with your hiring strategy? Talk to us.

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