How to work with a declining talent pool


Jonathan Horrocks


February 23, 2022

The field service industry is undergoing a massive transformation.

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, lockdowns and office shutdowns around the world prevented in-person interactions and impacted staffing.

Staffing has become a struggle within Field Engineering, and despite all of the innovation, the field service industry is not without its challenges. As technology improves, customers demand more, and revenue streams must keep pace with the rising cost of business. Companies are increasingly called upon to provide more visibility, require more accurately, and give workers the tools they need to deliver a better customer experience.

Moreover, there’s been a considerable loss of knowledge within Field Engineering due to the retiring workforce, consequently causing problems for field service staffing for technology companies. The majority of engineers have reached retirement age, and the pace at which they’re exiting the workforce is picking up. 

According to Gartner, by 2020, more than 40% of field service work will be performed by contractors who will likely be working with more than one firm at a time.


How can this be prevented?

By identifying key trends, we can begin to predict where the field service industry is heading and how companies can best stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the future.

Be easy to work for: Just as customers want someone easy to work with, potential talent will look for a flexible company that is easy to work with. Respect your employees’ time and talents by giving them tools that help make them more efficient and better at their jobs and offer them support when needed.

Training: Have procedures in place to train new field service technicians quickly and efficiently. Help your technicians invest in themselves and their careers by identifying how their skills stack up against the needs you anticipate having in the future.

Offer genuine customer relationships: Everyone prefers working with people they like and with whom they have built a rapport. Allow your technicians to have genuine relationships with customers by sending the techs to customers they say they know and like.

Understanding up and coming talent: With a decrease in engineers entering the field service, it’s essential to understand how to attract and retain tech-savvy mid- to early-career workers on your team. It’s also important to remember there will always be better enticements, so make sure you are offering above and beyond for talented individuals!


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Jonathan Horrocks

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