Is Facial Age Estimation the Future of Service?


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May 24, 2022

Customers around the UK see more and more technological advancements when it comes to their weekly food shop. With self-checkouts to Smartshop, the improvements in supermarkets are constantly happening. The latest technological advancement is now Facial Age Estimation technology, aiming to improve the Challenge 25 campaign; buying age-restricted products. For field service engineers, this I another technology to master and become skilled in.

The technology will be built into supermarket self-service terminals, taking photos of consenting customers’ faces for analysis and deleting them once the process is complete. The idea is to completely negate the abuse some staff face when asking for ID by having it all done via the built-in cameras.

The technology is already in play in some stores as Co-op, Tesco, Asda, Aldi and Morrisons are participating in a government “regulatory sandbox” between January and May 2022, testing the technology’s ability to facilitate alcohol sales safely and swiftly.

The system uses an AI-powered algorithm (created by the company Yoti) that is trained to check the age of faces with an average accuracy of 2 years, increasing to 1.5 years among younger people aged 16 to 20. Yoti have confirmed that the system cannot link a face to identity, meaning that people need not worry about identity-related issues.

Our age estimation technology securely estimates a person’s age by scanning their face, with instant results. Since 2019, we have performed over 500 million age estimates.- Yoti 

Although it could be seen that this is yet another skill that Field Engineers need to up-skill, it is also a healthy indication that the market is recovering after COVID with the need and importance of this new Facial Age Estimation technology. The world of Field Engineering is constantly evolving, and our skilled Engineers are here for the movement!

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