Philip Young Speaks To Concept Resourcing About Retained Recruitment


Robert Taylor


August 9, 2021

Philip Young, a senior candidate and Operations Director at CSI, speaks to Concept Resourcing about his experience of being hired into a Microsoft partner with private equity funding via a retained process with Concept Resourcing. 

Philip discusses the mutual benefits for candidates and clients of hiring via a retained process with Concept Resourcing, and his experience and knowledge of recruitment within the IT industry over his 20 years’ experience.



Why Philip favours a retained recruitment process with Concept Resourcing?

  • Understanding the process – recognizing the challenge right from the word GO!
  • Attention to detail – taking the time to know the business.
  • Constant feedback & communication – feedback straight after the interview process.
  • Open and transparent process – candidate and client are both fully aware of what was going on.
  • Interview layout – warm-up interviews.

For Philip, CSI has been a fantastic place to work and has been an incredible journey. Since joining the company, he has made a further three acquisitions where there has been lots of recruitment.

Business Development Director

Robert Taylor

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