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Supply chain recruitment consultingSupply chain excellence starts with the right talent.

Supply chains can feel a bit like dominoes. One wrong move, and everything’s out of sync. To get it right, you need supply chain experts who can masterfully orchestrate each stage, ensuring every piece moves harmoniously.

But here’s the catch: the supply chain industry is complex and ever-evolving, with disruptions and shifting consumer demands at every turn. Let our expert supply chain talent consultants connect you to supply chain experts who have the skills and creativity to help you stay ahead of the game. 

From mid-sized businesses optimising delivery routes to global giants mapping out intricate logistics, we’re here to ensure you get the supply chain talent that’s just right for your challenges.

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Divisions we specialise inLet our supply chain talent specialists connect you to:

  • Supply Chain Directors and VPs
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Production Planners
  • Materials Managers
  • Logistics Coordinators
  • Warehouse Operations Managers
  • Inventory Analysts
  • Demand Planners
  • Distribution Center Supervisors
  • Transportation Managers
  • Vendor Management Analysts
  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • Freight Coordinators
  • Global Trade Compliance Managers
  • Order Management Specialists
  • Materials Managers

Meet the people behind ConceptYour dedicated recruitment consultants.

SpecialismsCorporate Functions


Sourcing procurement pros who strategically acquire, ensuring quality and cost optimisation.

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Human Resources

Positioning HR experts who cultivate company culture, nurturing talent and ensuring workplace harmony.

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Supply Chain

Recruiting the supply chain experts who streamline and optimise product flow, ensuring timely delivery and efficiency.

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Onboarding commercial specialists who keep business operations running smoothly with reliable maintenance.

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Aligning organisations with financial experts, ensuring fiscal health and strategic economic growth.

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TestimonialsSee what Concept can do.

Before joining Concept I had no prior experience of recruitment what-so-ever. Prior to Concept, I had nearly 4 years Retail experience and ran my own Make Up free-lance business during that time; I had excellent sales and organisational skills. Concept was brought to my attention by a current employee, and the rest is history! Concept really took a chance on me and I am so grateful for the opportunity… I am so glad I took the plunge and would encourage anyone else thinking of pursuing a career in Recruitment to do the same!


Maria Belt

Recruitment Consultant

Having had success within a FTSE 250 recruiter. Concept offered me an incredible opportunity to rapidly accelerate my career and join a business where I was able to influence the business strategy . Concept are a forward thinking and agile recruiter who operate in some fantastic high growth markets with market leading organisations.


Jon Horrocks

Operating Director