Our talent markets, your advantageCrafting tech talent solutions.

The world of tech is vast and always changing. To truly thrive as an organisation, you need a talent partner who gets the bigger picture and understands your specific needs across different market segments. That’s Concept for you.

We’re not just here to fill job roles; we’re your expert talent consultants in the tech world. We’ve got deep roots in all things tech, offering expertise across multiple markets, from channel IT partners and domestic tech to field engineering.

Whether you’re part of the high-growth private equity landscape or operating within the public sector, our tailored talent solutions are designed with your unique needs in mind. 

We take the time to really know you. Instead of just matching CVs with job listings, we dig deeper and provide a range of solutions to match your needs. We want to understand where you’re headed and how we can help get you there. With us, you’re not just staying in the game — you’re leading it.


Our marketsTech hiring solutions, wherever you are.

Domestich Tech

Domestic Technologies

We've got a finger on the pulse of this market, introducing you to specialists who not only understand today's domestic technologies but anticipate tomorrow's trends.

Tech Engineering

Tech Engineering

Our talent consultants can help you find the experts who bring both technical skills and forward-thinking solutions, aligning seamlessly with your engineering goals.

Private Market

High Growth & Private Equity

Finding the right tech talent in the private sector can be complex. We simplify it, ensuring you have a holistic talent solution in place to align with your specific goals.

Public Sector

Public Sector

The public sector has unique tech needs. We understand those intricacies, helping you secure the talent that matches your civic and governmental projects.

International Market


Going global? We make it easy for you to connect with tech professionals worldwide, ensuring your team has the international expertise it needs to thrive.


Channel IT Partners

The world of IT partnerships is intricate. We're here to untangle it for you, delivering the right talent that understands both technology and collaboration.

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