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In-house marketing recruitment consultingGrow your brand with leading marketing professionals.

In a marketing world that’s constantly shifting, an experienced in-house marketing team can make all the difference. The challenge? Finding the right talent who can help you build a powerful brand and online presence that attracts the right audience to your business.

Concept’s consultancy-led approach ensures we understand the nuances of your in-house marketing needs. By leveraging our vast network and data-driven search techniques, we bring you candidates who aren’t just skilled but are a great cultural fit for your brand.

From startups to global corporations, we cater to diverse requirements. Whether you’re hiring for a one-off project or building a comprehensive in-house team, our bespoke solutions ensure you find the right match.

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Divisions we specialise inLet our marketing talent specialists connect you to:

  • Marketing Executives
  • Marketing Managers
  • Digital Marketing Executives
  • Content Executives
  • Content Managers
  • Growth Marketing Executive
  • Growth Marketing Managers
  • Product Marketing Executives
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • PR Executives
  • PR Managers
  • Event Executives
  • Event Managers
  • PPC Executives
  • PPC Managers
  • SEO Executive s
  • SEO Managers
  • Head of Marketing
  • Marketing Directors 
  • Chief Marketing Officer 

Meet the people behind ConceptYour dedicated recruitment consultants.

SpecialismsSales & Marketing Talent Solutions

Technology Sales

Curating tech-savvy sales teams to help you showcase tech solutions and maximise business opportunities.

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Telecom Sales

Uniting brands with telecommunications sales specialists, ensuring connectivity innovations reach their maximum potential.

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Marketing In-House

Strategically placing in-house marketing specialists who power up your brand and produce solid results.

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Marketing Agency

Pairing agencies with marketing masters, driving client success and fostering creative brilliance.

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Content, Social Media & Communications

Connecting brands with storytellers who amplify your digital presence and engage your audience. 

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Linking businesses with digital strategists who optimise online visibility and drive targeted campaigns to success.

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Meet the people behind ConceptSee what Concept can do.

Before joining Concept I had no prior experience of recruitment what-so-ever. Prior to Concept, I had nearly 4 years Retail experience and ran my own Make Up free-lance business during that time; I had excellent sales and organisational skills. Concept was brought to my attention by a current employee, and the rest is history! Concept really took a chance on me and I am so grateful for the opportunity… I am so glad I took the plunge and would encourage anyone else thinking of pursuing a career in Recruitment to do the same!


Maria Belt

Recruitment Consultant

Having had success within a FTSE 250 recruiter. Concept offered me an incredible opportunity to rapidly accelerate my career and join a business where I was able to influence the business strategy . Concept are a forward thinking and agile recruiter who operate in some fantastic high growth markets with market leading organisations.


Jon Horrocks

Operating Director