The Top Ten Benefits of Using Concept Resourcing’s Exclusive Engagement Solution


Robert Taylor


August 3, 2022

What is our ‘Exclusive Engagement Solution’?

The Exclusive Engagement Solution (EES) is our retained search offering, in which we create a partnership with the client to shortlist the best and most qualified candidates for a role. Finding the right candidate for a role can be difficult when recruiting for specific roles in industries that require unique skill sets, which is where the EES can help.

Through our EES, we essentially become your eyes and ears in the candidate marketplace, proactively finding the most skilled candidates. We research, engage, and retain the best candidate for your vacancy. The Exclusive Engagement Solution can help our clients find candidates to meet the highest standards. We thoroughly assess the suitability of our candidates rigorously against your technical and personal needs, relevant experience, and cultural fit for your business. This robust process ensures that the shortlist of candidates we deliver are an ideal match for your requirements and that a hire is made.

Top Ten Benefits of Using the Exclusive Engagement Solution


1) Top Priority 

Our EES helps ensure that your placement takes higher priority due to its’ upfront structure. Using a retained search means that we are 100% committed to your role, increasing the final quality of hire.

2) Attention to Detail

Our EES enables a detailed customised search for roles that can have unique or specific requirements. We take time to gain a thorough 360° view and understanding of what the ideal candidate possesses (i.e., skills, personal values, experience) through multiple channels.

3) Exclusive & Extensive Database/ Network of Candidates 

At Concept, we have built and maintained a long-running database of skilled, highly qualified candidates. Often, candidates are not independently or actively searching for roles – we network with additional contacts outside of confines in various industries to cast our search far and wide. This captures candidates not typically available without a retained service.

4) Building Relationships

Struggling to retain the talent you attract? This end-to-end solution bonds a trustful relationship between candidate, consultant, and client. When utilising our EES, we act as the ‘middleman’ between candidates and our clients. We can analyse situations from an unbiased, external viewpoint to build strong relationships and solve potential problems before they arise.

5) High proactivity 

As before mentioned, having access to an extensive database of candidates means that we take a highly proactive search approach, actively seeking candidates from multiple avenues. As your position will have top priority, we take the time to gain a better understanding of precise needs, working better to find the right candidate for the position. It is imperative to make quality hires 1st time every time in our EES.

6) Save Time and Money 

Recruiting new staff can be a lengthy, time-consuming, and costly process. In-house recruitment can often waste time and resources in an inefficient hiring process. You don’t want to take time away from the focus on other business activities and responsibilities, simply to find the best candidate, do you?

Using our long-established service and expertise means that we dedicate our time instead of yours, using our resources to save you money in the long term.  

7) Comprehensive Recruitment Process

Our Exclusive Engagement Solution focuses on quality of hire.

Our search and interview processes are comprehensive and thorough, meaning candidates are more ‘vetted’, avoiding hiring candidates which do not align with the role and organisation. From thorough background and reference checks to psychometric profiling, we ensure candidates are trustworthy and genuinely qualified, lowering the risk to your business.

When it’s vital to hire a skilled, qualified candidate, EES provides higher certainty from a pool of talented candidates, as well as the knowledge that we are 100% committed to finding the best fit, lowering the risk of a ‘bad hire’.

8) Access to resources 

To put it simply, your firm may not have the time or best tools to search for the ideal candidate. It may not be enough for niche roles to find potential candidates through paid ads, applications, or your existing internal network. Utilising our EES can not only save time but give access to the highest quality resources and services.

9) Customised search

Our EES enables a completely customised candidate search.  We take a thorough, advanced approach to searching to find the right fit for your role no matter how niche.  Allowing us to find the passive talent and build rapport and relationship. 

10) Discretion and privacy

In some cases, searching for candidates may result in candidates already being employed – possibly with competitors. Using the EES means that when these sensitive issues such as this occur, we conduct in a respectful, discrete manner. This ensures the best candidate is still hired whilst business relationships remain intact.

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