Top Tips For Working With A Recruiter


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May 5, 2021

When you’re searching for a new job, working with a skilled recruiter can make a huge difference. It’s a competitive job market out there, and recruiters can be an extremely valuable asset. From having good working relationships with hiring managers, to coaching you on what works and does not work during interviews for a specific client; recruiters are there to help open doors.

We know there are always nerves and anxiety when it comes to applying for jobs, and we want to aid you through this process. We have collated the following top tips to help guide you on your journey for a positive relationship with your recruitment consultant.

Be honest with us… and yourself

Recruiters’ main goals are to work simultaneously with clients and candidates to find appropriate roles that will aid them. Sometimes you may not be interested in the role they have got for you, so just be honest with them about your feelings, and try not to leave them in the dark, or worse, ghost them.

When discussing your current job role with the recruiter, be prepared to offer evidence and reasoning behind why you want to leave your current job, and why you feel the new job role would better suit you.

Make sure your salary expectations are realistic: We can always get carried away when we see other people benefiting from a high pay grade, and of course, with us being humans we always want to do better. Always be realistic when informing the recruiter of your expectations, and if you’re starting from the bottom, unfortunately, you may have to expect slightly less pay.

Be patient

I know it’s difficult, as we all want to know about the job description ASAP, but try and refrain from asking; rest easy in knowing the recruiter will provide you with the information they have as soon as possible. They want to work as a team with you.

Be polite

Be the best version of yourself… the recruiter wants to be able to champion you to their client! The first interactions are the most important, so don’t appear rude or obstructive on calls or through emails.

If something doesn’t go your way, such as you get rejected, just remember to be gracious about the experience and ask where you went wrong. This will be beneficial for future job applications, as you can work to turn your weaknesses into strengths!

Communication is key

Keeping in contact is one of THE most important things when looking for a job, so try to continue being prompt to answer calls and replying to emails. Make sure your contact details are up to date, so you can be informed quickly and adequately about positions and the progress of your job application. Let your recruiter know the best times to contact you. There’s nothing better than a quick and easy turnaround. Win win!

A BIG no-no in every job hiring is not showing up for an arranged interview. If you can’t make it or have changed your mind, please please please just let your recruiter know. They can rearrange the interview for a more convenient time or can stop pestering you if you’re no longer looking for a new role.

We are all human…

Recruiters are dealing with multiple candidates daily. If you haven’t heard from your recruiter then drop them a call or an email. We are all human and your last correspondence may have been overlooked. Give them a gentle nudge.

Let’s get social!

Make sure your social media platforms are as top-notch as possible. Social media can be both a blessing and a curse within today’s society, and it can sometimes make or break the hiring of an employee. Try and make sure your Instagram and Facebook appear as professional as possible. Maybe delete those posts you wrote 6 years ago, as they probably don’t reflect your personality anymore!

Also, create a LinkedIn profile for yourself, as it is a good way to interact with professionals and receive job adverts. This is your dating profile to WOW your new potential employer.

Finally, always remember the recruiter is on your side and is there to help and support you through the recruitment process. Just because one client did not choose you for a particular position does not mean you will not be a great fit for another. Stay positive and stay humble in your job search!

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