Transforming for a Digital Future


Michelle Pattison


November 24, 2023

Last year, the government launched Transforming for a Digital Future, the 2022 to 2025 Roadmap for Digital and Data, with an ambition to transform public services. It’s believed that government priorities could be delivered more quickly and effectively through the provision of a wider use of digital and data. Improving the way that digital and data is used across the Public Sector will enable the government to operate more efficiently and productively, delivering better outcomes and savings for the taxpayer.


The roadmap contains 6 missions that the government must deliver against to achieve the vision: 

  • Transformed public services

  • One Login for Government

  • Better Data to Power Decision Making

  • Efficient, Secure and Sustainable Technology

  • Digital Skills at Scale

  • A system that unlocks Digital Transformation


The Government recently provided an update to Mission One:

Mission One: Transformed public services that achieve the right outcomes:

  • The Government has developed a ‘great’ service performance framework and assessed all Top 75 services and support needed to get at least 50 to reach ‘great’ standard by 2025.
  • 15 services have reached ‘great’ standard, they reach a high standard of efficiency and usability, including Defra’s sign up for flood warnings, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities’ (DLUHC) register to vote and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) record MOT test results.


Concept is a proud partner to a number of different Public Sector departments that are involved in the digital transformation project and provides resource across a range of DDaT skills. 

We are on a mission to talk to people with the right skills to get involved with a range of projects. If you‘re interested in speaking to us about how you can get involved with the Digital Future project, call or email us today.

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Michelle Pattison

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