Boosting your job search over Christmas


Elle Butler


February 22, 2023

The festive period between December to January is a busy time in terms of festivities, however, you shouldn’t neglect your job search if you really want the new year to start with a ‘new year, new job, new me’.

December and January are often considered the best time in the year to job hunt and reach out to recruiters. Although companies often have a break between Christmas and New Year’s, this gives you time to perfect your interview skills, get applications in, and beat the crowds. Annual strategies are often rolled out in December/January meaning reviews and hiring plans are announced for the coming year. Thus creating a boom in job opportunities for you to take advantage of.


Whilst you’re tucking into a mince pie or two, think about these 5 reasons you should keep your job search active over the season:


Hiring strategies are announced at the end of the year/ January

High volumes of roles open up in January and managers are looking to fill those last few roles before the new year.


Use the holiday season to update your LinkedIn, CV, and applications

The quieter period gives you the time to think about what needs refining and updating to reflect the past year. Be proactive! 


Less work + fewer CVs = a greater chance of success

The period of celebrations means hiring managers are usually more receptive to a positive email, and therefore pay attention to your profile without being distracted by other noise. 


Turn festive social meetings/ gatherings into networking opportunities

Offer to meet for a coffee or a festive treat with a recruiter or hiring manager! Be a networking pro and get some business cards with your contact information and Linkedin details printed and practice your pitch. Reach out to your contacts on LinkedIn – wish them a happy festive season and let them know you’re in the market to hire. You never know who they might put you in touch with or where it could lead. 


There’s less competition over Christmas for roles 

Take this opportunity to stand out! 52% of 16-24-year-olds look for a new job in the new year, with 32% of the UK population looking for a role in January (Camino, 2021). December is a time for watching Christmas films, shopping, and connecting with loved ones. Yes, that’s true for most people who put their job search on the back burner. 

This is a great time to set those goals and resolutions, helping you stay motivated to maintain momentum on your job search!

When you break down the recruitment process, you aren’t going to get a job overnight. Think about it: write your CV, search for jobs, apply, meet recruiters, first interview, second/ third interview, wait for others to interview, make a decision, you get the offer, you accept – whew! Point made. That’s why it’s important to get started now if you want that new year start date. 


Our Advice

Signing up with the right recruiter will enhance your job search and immensely increase your chances of success. Ensure they completely understand what it is you do and where you want to go with your career. Our recruiters have access to their vast networks of clients and are privy to their strategic hiring strategies, meaning you may have access to opportunities that are not necessarily advertised to the public. We know our market, we have the skills and knowledge and can give you the platform to stand out from the crowd.

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