End-to-end tech talent solutionsHolistic tech talent solutions for public missions.

From intricate IT projects in central government to essential tech support for the NHS, the nuances of public sector hiring for tech roles can be tricky. The challenges? Tight budgets, very specific frameworks, and the constant need for adaptable IT expertise.

Having supported public organisations with their tech hiring needs since 2000, Concept has the data-driven tools, exclusive insights, and rich talent pool to support your talent function. Whether you need a Cloud Consultant, data analyst or a Procurement Manager, we’ll be able to find you the right fit.

Our 360-degree, end-to-end talent management solution adapts to your growth and challenges. 

Our range of permanent and temporary recruitment solutions will ensure we can provide you with the right fit no matter the department or project. 

We work within a host of frameworks under the Crown Commercial Services including 

 G-Cloud 12 and RM6160. For organisations working within sensitive environments we can provide candidates with enhanced clearance. Our database of pre-vetted, high quality SC/DV candidates can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Why Concept? Deep-seated expertise across diverse tech sectors, 20+ years of industry experience, and a team of dedicated recruitment consultants who genuinely understand the needs of public organisations. Interested in seeing how we can help? Book a free consultation call today.

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2024 Salary Insights

Our 2024 Salary Insights guide analyses hundreds of roles across UK, EMEA and USA across a range of technology sectors. Benchmark your salaries against market trends and ensure you remain competitive and able to attract and retain the best talent.

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Trusted by the best.For over two decades, Concept has built trusted partnerships with stellar service providers.

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Tech hiring solutions for the public sector.

We’ve always believed in a tailored approach. When it comes to the public sector, we invest time to understand each entity’s individual requirements and constraints. With an awareness of frameworks like G-Cloud 12 and RM6160, we simplify the recruitment process, making it efficient and aligned with public sector norms.

Why Concept?

  • Public Sector Insights: Rooted in 20+ years of tech recruitment, we bring profound understanding of the public sector. 

  • Adaptable Talent Solutions: Every public entity, be it central government or NHS, has unique needs. Our talent solutions are designed to be as diverse, dynamic, and dedicated as the institutions we serve.

  • Efficiency Meets Expertise: With frameworks like G-Cloud 12 and RM6160 at our disposal, we cut through the red tape, ensuring timely hires without the hassle. 

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Explore the possibilitiesOur solutions.

Contingency Solution

When time is of the essence, opt for our Contingency Solution to fill roles promptly without compromising on quality.

Executive Talent.

Find your next leaders: lead your organisation to new levels of success.

Retained Talent.
Retained Solutions

For mission-critical roles that require specialised skill sets, our Retained Solution consistently ensures a deep, targeted search.

Talent Managed Services.
Managed Services

Providing flexible and strategic talent acquisition with mutually agreed SLAs.

Project Services
Project Services

A project-focused approach that brings in experts to accomplish specific outcomes under agreed timelines and budgets.

Resource Service
Resource as a Service

Unlock untapped potential by utilising this trusted B2B enablement framework.

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    Our hiring solution calculator zeroes in on your unique needs, helping you identify the ideal tech talent solution for your business. Make informed decisions, get faster results, and ensure the perfect fit every time.

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