End-to-end tech talent solutionsA transparent, effective approach to private tech recruitment.

For tech businesses like IT MSPs, VARs, and re-sellers generating up to £150 million in revenue – we’re here for you. Partnering with Aliter Capital LLP amplifies our market insight, ensuring you receive unparalleled support tailored to private equity-backed organisations.

With a deep understanding of your private corporation, we’ll align our talent strategies to fit with your vision and business goals, resulting in faster and better-fit hires.

Our comprehensive talent solutions offer a 360-degree talent management approach. Whether you’re scaling up or in need of specialised skills, we’ll flex and adapt to your ever-changing needs.

Trust in Concept’s industry expertise, honed over 20+ years of focused dedication to the tech sector. Our seasoned recruitment consultants, known for their honest, easy, and straightforward approach, ensure you’re always a step ahead in the tech hiring game.

Why Concept?

  • Pulse on the Private Market: We’re not just recruiters; we’re consultants attuned to the pulse of the private sector. 
  • Tailored Talent Solutions: Whether you’re a bold new startup or an established private equity firm, our talent strategies are custom-designed for your unique needs.
  • Speed & Efficiency: Our vast network and streamlined processes ensure you get the right talent, right when you need them.
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2024 Salary Insights

Our 2024 Salary Insights guide analyses hundreds of roles across UK, EMEA and USA across a range of technology sectors. Benchmark your salaries against market trends and ensure you remain competitive and able to attract and retain the best talent.

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Trusted by the best.For over two decades, Concept has built trusted partnerships with stellar service providers.

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Driving success in the high growth and private equity market

From startups searching for those pivotal initial hires, to businesses on a supercharged growth path, and all the way to scale-ups considering mergers or navigating towards a sale – we’re ready to support your business with successful talent strategies.

  • Start-up: Initial talent choices can define a growing business. We’ll guide you to key hires, from senior roles via our Executive solution to entry-level roles across various functions.
  • Grow-up: As your growth accelerates, maintaining culture while sourcing talent becomes vital. We offer tailored talent strategies and services for consistent hiring at a fixed cost.
  • Scale-up: Navigating mergers, acquisitions, or potential sales? Rely on us as a strategic talent partner. We’ll bolster your team post-acquisition or find specialists for business transitions.

Our Private Framework

During the start-up stage, your talent acquisition will be key and finding talent with the right skills, potentially with previously experience of growing a start-up business. Sourcing talent that can help establish and cultivate your culture is vital.

With technology moving this fast, you need an agile talent partner to keep up. Concept simplifies your tech hiring process by recruiting, training, and deploying employees that fit, as and when you need them. We can help you find the next leaders that will help you to lead your organisation to new levels of success.

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As you supercharge your growth, your talent acquisition will be fast paced, with hires across numerous departments and on a continuous basis. Sourcing the right talent, whilst also maintaining your company culture will be key.

Our Retailed solution is an exclusive partnership where you gain focused attention on finding the precise fit for your roles. We thoroughly assess your company’s values, culture, and long-term objectives and identify candidates who not only meet the skills required but also resonate with your vision, promising a perfect fit every time.

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As your strategy moves to the scale-up stage your business will be looking to organically grow whilst making acquisitions and investment. This activity is likely to lead to periods of high hiring demand which will be difficult to manage. Finding highly skilled talent with previous experience of taking a business from scale-up to sale will be important.

Our Managed Service provides an all-inclusive solution, enabling you to hire as many people as required at a fixed cost. A flexible hiring model which can be dialled up, or down, to support your needs and our team have expertise across numerous disciplines.

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Explore the possibilitiesOur solutions.

Contingency Solution

When time is of the essence, opt for our Contingency Solution to fill roles promptly without compromising on quality.

Executive Talent.

Find your next leaders: lead your organisation to new levels of success.

Retained Talent.
Retained Solutions

For mission-critical roles that require specialised skill sets, our Retained Solution consistently ensures a deep, targeted search.

Talent Managed Services.
Managed Services

Providing flexible and strategic talent acquisition with mutually agreed SLAs.

Project Services
Project Services

A project-focused approach that brings in experts to accomplish specific outcomes under agreed timelines and budgets.

Resource Service
Resource as a Service

Unlock untapped potential by utilising this trusted B2B enablement framework.

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    We needed to find a partner who could help us resource skills we had not hired before. I spoke with Concept about how they could help us and they understood what skills and type of people we needed to fulfil our clients’ service needs. We received a shortlist very quickly and interviewed the majority of the candidates. We hired two people effortlessly and painlessly. Following this initial positive experience, I have shared the details with a number of my colleagues across our software development, professional services and support divisions. Concept has succeeded in finding even more talent for our company. With our ongoing investment from our PE partner, we are looking to scale and growth our business in the UK and aiming to grow with 30+ heads. We hope that Concept can build on their initial success and be one of our partners of choice to identify and attract talent across technology, technology sales and procurement across the Microsoft ecosystem.

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