End-to-end tech talent solutionsAttract, train, and retain top engineering talent.

Modern homes are increasingly driven by the tech within them, even traditionally modest white goods are becoming smarter and more complex. This can make finding the right tech talent for your organisation quite the challenge.

If you require a reliable, flexible, scalable solution for your operations, we can help find the tech talent you need to grow and support your field engineering operations.

We provide the engineering talent you need to install, maintain, and support your systems, software, and applications in your customer’s homes.

Our range of flexible recruitment solutions allow us to work with you in the way that suits your organisation – whether it’s attracting sought-after field engineering skills, providing ready-made project teams, or attracting and training your next generation of workers.

Domestic Tech

2024 Salary Insights

Our 2024 Salary Insights guide analyses hundreds of roles across UK, EMEA and USA across a range of technology sectors. Benchmark your salaries against market trends and ensure you remain competitive and able to attract and retain the best talent.

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Domestic tech talent consultants, ready to support you.

Our range of flexible labour services gives you the agility to respond to market changes and new opportunities while also allowing you to control team quality and boost retention.

  • Resource Augmentation: We provide dedicated teams to support a variety of projects and digital rollouts, matching our talent pool of experienced and certified tech specialists with your requirements.
  • Academy: Whether you’re looking for niche tech skills or want a fresh stream of future talent, we’ll work closely with your business to attract, support, and train new recruits to your brand-specific standards.

Why Concept?

  • Exclusive Talent Pool: Our pre-vetted talent pool of reliable engineers who know your tech ensures you get the best match for your needs.

  • Nationwide Coverage: Local initiatives or national undertakings, our widespread network guarantees the perfect talent alignment, wherever you are.

  • Ready for Tomorrow: The tech world never stands still, and neither do we. As the tech evolves, our recruitment methods evolve, ensuring you’re always a leap ahead.

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Explore the possibilitiesOur solutions.

Contingency Solution

When time is of the essence, opt for our Contingency Solution to fill roles promptly without compromising on quality.

Executive Talent.

Find your next leaders: lead your organisation to new levels of success.

Retained Talent.
Retained Solutions

For mission-critical roles that require specialised skill sets, our Retained Solution consistently ensures a deep, targeted search.

Talent Managed Services.
Managed Services

Providing flexible and strategic talent acquisition with mutually agreed SLAs.

Project Services
Project Services

A project-focused approach that brings in experts to accomplish specific outcomes under agreed timelines and budgets.

Resource Service
Resource as a Service

Unlock untapped potential by utilising this trusted B2B enablement framework.

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    Find your perfect tech talent solution

    Our hiring solution calculator zeroes in on your unique needs, helping you identify the ideal tech talent solution for your business. Make informed decisions, get faster results, and ensure the perfect fit every time.

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