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November 29, 2023

  • Client: Government Digital Service (GDS)
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Employees: 500 – 1000

    Summary of work

    Helping meet GDS’ quota to bring in several hundred contractors in the Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) capability over a 3 year period.

    The Client

    In 2021, the Government Digital Service embarked on a 3-year strategy to scale digital growth across the UK Central Government. This was to be achieved by identifying common needs for products, platforms, and services and then building centrally to support and build these services, rather than carrying out the work at an individual department level.

    Resource Required

    • Data, 
    • IT Operations, 
    • Product & Delivery, 
    • Technical and User-Centred Design

    GDS were tasked to recruit into 6 different business areas:

    • Gov.UK
    • Digital Identity
    • People & Business Services
    • Product & Technology
    • Service Transformation
    • CDDO

    Our Approach

    Our mutually agreed SLA guaranteed that we’d submit 3 candidates per requirement within 48 hours of receiving the job brief. 

    To ensure a quick turnaround on all requirements, Concept assigned a specialised team from our Public Sector division. The team comprised 4 consultants, including Delivery, Account Manager, and Candidate Consultant.

    The Outcome

    As part of this work GDS scaled up their contingent labour team and reshaped their agency PSL through the Non-Clinical Staffing (RM6160) Framework to help meet a quota to bring in several hundred contractors in the Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) capability over the 3 year journey.

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    conceptresourcing test

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