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December 2, 2021

Gone are the days of paper CV’s! With the rise of video being used throughout the hiring and interview process, the traditional way of hiring appears to be dying out slowly. Throughout the recruitment process, video can be used to heighten the personalisation of interviews and have been used more recently not just for quickness and effectiveness, but to get a feel for who the candidate is – something that can’t be seen on a piece of paper. For this webinar, we were joined by Josh Symons, who is the Executive Director at Hinterview, an Award-Winning Video Recruitment Software that helps attract the best candidates and reduce the time to hire by 70%, to discuss the progressive outcomes of using video and how Hinterview can improve companies’ hiring processes.


Josh Symons: Executive Director at Hinterview who has a background in recruitment and now works for the award-winning company. Having worked with the business for 3 years, his role is to enable clients to use the platform successfully.


Pre and post-pandemic in recruitment

The rise of video interviewing has been one of the biggest process changes. Hinterview is seeing a rise in the candidate experience, whereby they are finding significant value in this new way of interviewing. As the ICMS reports, 83% of candidates look at companies that use video interviewing and include video in their recruitment process, as they see value in this form of communication.

What’s also changed is the competition for talent: For the first time in recorded history, the UK hit over 1,000,000 open vacancies on the market, therefore offering them a modern and engaging process is on the rise.

What is Hinterview and how can it help?

Hinterview is the largest video recruitment platform in the UK and has been going for seven years. They see the importance of virtual interviewing, and offer their clients various tools such as campaigns, and analytics to enhance their businesses effectiveness during the hiring process.

They find value in humanising through video at every stage of the recruitment process, and they make sure they deliver and tackle the difficulties in the market. Rather than a written job ad, Hinterview allows you to film the criteria and what you need from the candidate in a quick and formal fashion, therefore adding personalisation to the process which candidates have said makes the company more appealing.

As 82% of all traffic is aimed at video, coupling this with candidates searching for jobs on the web, you can see what attracts new talent. The new generation is interested more in video ads rather than traditional, written content, and therefore places emphasis on videoing as a growing medium.


Indeed did a study and found that 34% more applications were generated when a video was attached


Hinterview for clients

The average recruitment process takes 27.5 days in the UK, with the average process taking two interviews with each taking 30-40 mins. This is where short, snap videos can bring down those time impacts.

On average, Hinterview have found there has been a slice of 70% in the time to hire new candidates, as you are taking the first introduction video as the CV, and you can decide on whether you feel the candidate is appropriate from the visual ques you are receiving.


Seeing a candidate as a person and not a piece of paper

Hinterview for candidates:

One of the most powerful things about Hinterview is that someone who may not seem ideal via what is written on their cv, may get the job from the video interview as they have cultural values, or life experiences that will get them the job that have come through via the video.

What Hinterview have found is that engaging with the candidate through the interview process can retain them a lot better, with GT finding 81% of candidates who has personal updates improved their interview process. Candidates have also said they find out more information about a job via video than through a job board or other traditional forms of advertisement.

Moreover, interviewing via video cuts down on time and money spent travelling to interviews which pre-pandemic were traditionally done in house. Statistics have found that the average graduate spends £508 in going for an interview, through travel, time spent from work, and this means the immediately available Hinterview cuts down on spend as it can be done from anywhere.

How does using Hinterview in the recruitment process make our clients stand out in the marketplace against other companies?

Candidates perceive companies that utilise video as part of their process as innovative and places they want to work at. The hurdles of this however are that companies may not have the teams internally to look after this portion of the business, or the technology in place to deliver this. This is where Hinterview can help, as we have found here at Concept Resourcing, whereby it allows the client to create their own video approach to the market.

Could Hinterview work in the contract market?

It always depends on the clients’ needs: If the client needs someone as soon as, then this process of interviewing via video may not work for them, but if you already have the candidates’ introductions saved and ready to send out, this can shorten the application process.

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